At Wills Financial Group, client-focused guidance and service is at the heart of everything we do.

When Janet Wills founded our firm in 1989, she wanted to create a place where individuals and families could find objective advice from professionals who truly cared about their goals. So, rather than following the traditional commission- and product-driven approach, she built our firm on a fiduciary, fee-based foundation that values personalized support and puts clients’ needs first.

Since our founding, we have seen the markets change, global politics evolve, and investing trends come and go — but we’ve continued to believe the fundamentals of effective financial advice endure. Through it all, we have maintained our focus on helping our clients build wealth that spans generations by combining true service with a disciplined strategy.

“Without craftsmanship, inspiration is a mere reed shaken in the wind.”
– Johannes Brahms

Our Philosophy

We believe clients deserve objective, thoughtful guidance from professionals who truly care about their wellbeing. In our work, we look to fine artisans as an inspiration for our sustained attention to detail and quality: On first glance, both handmade and mass-produced products may appear similar. But, when you look past the surface of a well-crafted product, you’ll discover purposeful, quality construction that goes beyond the factory standard. True artisans care about longevity and timelessness, because they want their work to stand for generations.

As advisors, we share this commitment to providing support that not only fits today — but also strives to create value that lasts for lifetimes. To support this focus, we take a long-term view of clients’ goals and investments, instead of attempting to time the markets or pursue quick growth. Through every life stage and market environment, we strive to help clients preserve wealth, generate income, and minimize unnecessary expenses and taxable events.

Like the artisans who inspire us, we believe that tailored work matters — so our team manages every aspect of the investment process in house.

Portfolio Construction

We select clients’ investments using our team’s internal research into everything from macro economic data to detailed analysis of each company’s financial statements.

Core Investment Strategy

We seek to address clients’ specific needs and goals using a core strategy built around large-cap, blue-chip stocks for which we perceive a history of growing dividends. From our experience, a consistent investment philosophy can be critical to producing results — and we have implemented our core strategy for over 25 years.

In everything we do, our team strives to hone and connect the many intricate details of clients’ financial lives into a timeless legacy.

The financial services industry is constantly evolving — and new opportunities abound in every market environment. Based on our experience at Wills Financial Group, we believe that enduring success depends on a balance of time-tested knowledge, proactive perspectives, and disciplined craftsmanship. From the beginning of our relationships and through every service we provide, our goal is to combine an adaptable investment strategy with detailed, personalized support.