Wills Financial Group Attends Community Summit on Heroin/Opioid Epidemic

May 2017

At Wills Financial Group, we know that individuals and families from all backgrounds are dealing with addiction — and over the years, we’ve helped clients navigate the financial implications.

To deepen our role as a resource for clients, we stay informed about the challenges they and our fellow community members may be facing. So, on March 1, we brought our entire team to an event addressing the escalating heroin and opioid epidemic. FBI Director James Comey and Acting Administrator of the DEA Chuck Rosenberg led the discussion. In addition, the event featured a screening of the documentary film “Chasing the Dragon,” which shares the stories of opiate users and their families.

At this three-hour event, we gained greater insight into opiate addiction’s widespread reach and how it’s affecting individuals from all walks of life. Here are some of our key takeaways:

  1. Identifying an “addict”

Stereotyping an addict may seem easy, but reality is often different than we may imagine. In fact, people who have never used drugs before can become dependent on painkillers after surgery. Some may turn to heroin, which is usually cheaper and easier to find.

  1. Understanding the epidemic

Americans consume approximately 80% of the world’s opiate supply, and with increasing use have come more overdoses.[i] In 2014, more people in Virginia died from heroin and opiate use than highway fatalities.[ii] Thankfully, new resources to fight this epidemic are increasing, as well.

  1. Working to solve addiction

During the community summit, we learned about law enforcement’s efforts to help people facing addiction — rather than simply arrest them. In fact, they don’t believe they can arrest their way out of this problem. Instead, they’re launching various approaches to rehab and recovery, while attempting to stop the flow of heroin and over-prescription of opiates.

At Wills Financial Group, we recognize the significant emotional and financial devastation this disease can cause. We hope to continue to gain additional understanding of this disease and its complex effects.

If you or family members are dealing with addiction, we can work with you to protect your financial stability while you find the right recovery resources. No matter what challenges you may face, we are always here for you.

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[ii] http://www.richmond.com/news/virginia/drug-deaths-now-outnumber-highway-fatalities-in-virginia/article_b129ee67-aabd-5a59-b34f-bd51cf0a1fe8.html