Adam Mehrer Returns to Columbia University for Event Honoring Benefactor, Robert Kraft

April 2018

New York Patriots owner Robert Kraft is one of the most famous men in football. But before he became a successful businessman and sports icon, he was a Columbia University football player. He chose Columbia because it was the only Ivy League school that gave him a full scholarship. Mr. Kraft has given back to his alma mater by funding the Robert K. Kraft Financial Aid Scholarship.

Each year, Mr. Kraft selects one member of Columbia’s football team who has excelled academically and on the field — and who demonstrates financial need. He then pays for them to receive financial aid.

When our own Adam Mehrer was attending Columbia, he was one of Mr. Kraft’s chosen recipients. While in college, Adam played as a defensive back and was an Academic All American during his senior year. The Kraft Scholarship allowed him to focus his energy on football and studying. “I knew that financial aid was necessary for me to be able to attend Columbia,” Adam said. “Robert Kraft’s generosity is part of the reason I’m where I am today.”

On April 23, Adam returned to Columbia for a reception honoring Mr. Kraft’s impact on the school and players’ lives. He and over a dozen players from the past 25 years met with their benefactor and heard Mr. Kraft speak about his own journey from student-athlete to renowned businessman.

We’re proud to see everything Adam has accomplished so far in his life, and we look forward to seeing what else is on the horizon. We’re still holding out for the box seats to a Patriots game, though!